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Welcome to your Customer Centre. Shaw has the tools you need to pay your bill, order services online, manage your email accounts or Webspace and more. Secure and convenient, it's available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Creating a Secure Password.

Protecting your personal information is not only important to you, it's important to us, too. As the first line of defense, we're asking you to create a unique, secure password.

Tips & Tricks to help you create a secure password

  • Be obscure: don't use anything obvious and easy to guess. That means no dates, phone numbers, pet names, etc.;
  • Phrase it out: try to use several random words or a phrase, rather than a simple one-word password, like "password";
  • BiG & sMall letTErs: mix up your password by using randomly placed UPPERCASE letters mixed with lowercase letters;
  • Use #s & symbols: include both numbers and symbols in addition to letters (try to avoid the expected like "0" for "o" and "@" for "a"). Do not include spaces in your password;
  • Get creative: be creative with your spellings, upper and lowercases, numbers and symbols.

You'll know you've chosen a secure password when a green checkmark appears to the right.

Not sure what you entered the first time? Check the box labeled Show password characters to see your actual password.

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